Som eneste parfymeri i Norge selger vi nå Chanel Les Exclusifs duftene

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Gjennom disse duftene får vi historien om en enestående kvinne, hennes minner, dufter, kjærlighet, sorger og  et levd liv.

Vi er ydmyke og utrolige glade for at vi som eneste parfymeri i Norge har fått den ære av å formidle og selge disse vidunderlige duftene.

Les Exclusifs  er en unik samling av dufter, bestående av det siste fra Ernest Beaux, parfymøren til Mademoiselle Chanel; komponert og present av Jacques Polge, Chanel husets nåværende mester parfymør.

Hver duft henter inspirasjon fra livet til Gabrielle Chanel. Et poetisk hyllest til legendariske steder, materialer hun elsket og symbolene som  fulgte henne.

Kom innom oss og finn din favoritt.

BEL RESPIRO, A scent of the open air

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BEL RESPIRO is the name of the house bought by Mademoiselle in 1920 as a place to replenish her energy, in Garches — the chic countryside retreat for Parisians. With beige roughcast and black shutters, this pastoral paradise nicknamed ‘Noix de Coco’ welcomed friendship and artistic creation. A tender and romantic scent.

BOIS DES ILES, An invitation to travel

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1926: The exhibition of decorative arts in Paris closes its doors. It’s the era of ‘Art Deco’ and the modern style: Jazz stirs passions and precious woods dominate dreams… Coco Chanel launches the first woody fragrance for women in the history of perfume. An intoxicating, enveloping, warm, sensual and precious spiraling scent.

MISIA, The spirit of art

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A friend like no other. The patron of the arts. The connoisseur who opened new horizons for Gabrielle Chanel. MISIA, an evocative name to describe the close link between Chanel and the world of
the arts. The first LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL fragrance created by Olivier Polge.

31 RUE CAMBON, A couture fragrance

04_Rue_Cambon (Custom)

31, Rue Cambon: A legendary place, the epicenter of the world of Coco Chanel. Now, as in the past, the building is organized around four floors: the boutique, the haute couture salon, the apartment, the design studio and the workshops. The quintessence of the style of Chanel. A perfectly controlled, elegant, spirited and warm accord.

GARDÉNIA, A creation full of fantasy

05_Gardenia_2240x840 (Custom)

The Camellia, Mademoiselle’s emblem, has no scent. But the Gardenia, which it so closely resembles, exudes a sweet scent that is impossible to extract. Ernest Beaux and Gabrielle Chanel persevered however, and succeeding in creating a stunning evocation of this marvelous flower. An outstanding floral fragrance: sweet, voluptuous, intense and
absolutely feminine.

BOY CHANEL, Or an alter ego

06_Boy_2240x840 (Custom)

Gabrielle Chanel considered Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel as more than her soul mate: he was her double, her alter ego, the one she considered her other self. Inspired by their love, BOY CHANEL is a composition of timeless elegance, with notes of Lavender and Grasse Geranium, and a warm, woody base of Sandalwood mingled with Heliotrope and Musk.

Nº 18, A fine jewel of a fragrance

07_N18_2240x840 (Custom)

18, Place Vendôme is the prestigious address of the Chanel jewelry boutique, just opposite the Ritz Hotel, where Mademoiselle
lived for many years. The most beautiful jewels are presented here, including the re-edition of the ‘Comète’ necklace from Gabrielle’s diamond collection. A unique, intense and vibrant scent that
surprises with its fruity, sweet-smooth notes.

SYCOMORE, A deeply rooted fragrance

08_Sycomore (Custom)

SYCOMORE: a fragrance launched by Gabrielle Chanel in  1930. Jacques Polge drew inspiration from this name to
reate a woody, highly evocative fragrance: the strength of  wood, the roughness of bark, the flat cracking of the
Summer undergrowth…

LA PAUSA, A rare scent

09_Pausa_2240x840 (Custom)

LA PAUSA: the vacation villa built for Mademoiselle on land bought in 1928, in the south of France. With a view of a faraway Italian coast, the villa was simple and elegant, a haven of peace and the perfect place to relax and receive guests. A creation full of contrasts, like the Iris: radiant and delicate, simple and luxurious, earthy and powdery.

Nº 22, A skin scent

10_N22_2240x840 (Custom)

Launched a year after N° 5, N° 22 is imbued with the same revolutionary spirit. Its name: a simple number, 22, like 1922, the year of its creation, or like the 22nd fragrance
sample that Ernest Beaux offered Mademoiselle Chanel.  A scent with a strong personality that is endlessly sensual
and seductive.

EAU DE COLOGNE, An incomparable composition

11_Eau_Colone_2240x840 (Custom) (Custom)

Created in 1725, the EAU DE COLOGNE is a fundamental product in perfumery. Mademoiselle, who brought sport and toned bodies into fashion, offered the popular scent in 1929. Now Jacques Polge offers his own interpretation using ingredients of the highest quality.

1932, A constellation of diamonds

12_1932_2240x840 (Custom)

In 1932, Mademoiselle Chanel showered Paris with diamond stars in her first High Jewelry collection. Jacques Polge chose to
evoke this collection with a precious white and feminine flower: Jasmine. Created petal by petal to make every facet shine, it gradually spirals into place, reveals itself on the skin and finally
expresses a voluptuous and sophisticated side.

BEIGE, A nectar fragrance

13_Beige_2240x840 (Custom)

“I take refuge in beige because it’s natural,” said Mademoiselle Chanel. Sandy beige, honey beige, clay beige, whitish beige… Gabrielle Chanel loved all shades of this colour, which evokes
natural elegance and grace. A stunning blend of white petals and yellow gold. An outburst of tender, powdery flowers with hints of honey.

JERSEY, A scent of freedom

14_Yersey_2240x840 (Custom)

Jersey had only been used for men’s undergarments until, in the 1920s, Mademoiselle Chanel made it the instrument of a new femininity. “By creating jersey clothing, I was liberating the body
and moving away from the fitted waist.” Like Mademoiselle, Jacques Polge also revealed the chic and feminine treasures of a material considered to be masculine and simple: Lavender.

COROMANDEL, An inspired fragrance

15_Coromandel_2240x840 (Custom)

Coromandel screens are inseparable from the world of  Mademoiselle. This art from the heart of China enabled her to recreate her home wherever she went and perfectly illustrated her approach to work: infinite patience and a spirit of perfection. An Oriental fragrance full of contrasts: intense, spicy, amber top notes that develop richly and softly.

CUIR DE RUSSIE, An imperial fragrance

16_Cuir_De_2240x840 (2) (Custom)

After meeting the Grand Duke Dmitri, cousin of Tsar Nicholas II, the Russian influence pervaded Mademoiselle’s creations. The name CUIR DE RUSSIE comes from the aroma left by the birch tar used by Russian soldiers to tan their boots: an
enveloping, warm and sensual fragrance, which releases mysterious wafts of tobacco, hay and smoked wood.


Hva er prisen på Chanel 31 Rue Cambon?
Kan den bare kjøpes i butikk?

Mvh Anne M Lepperød

skrevet av Anne Marie Lepperød / 04.27.17 - 20:12

Beklager sent svar. Den koster 1950,-. Bare ring oss hvis du vil vi skal sende den i posten : )

skrevet av Annette / 05.02.17 - 15:24

Er det mulig å få tilsendt prøver på disse parfymene?

skrevet av Sigrid Ingeborg Gislerud / 05.31.17 - 10:10

Hei Sigrid!
De lager ikke prøver, men vi kan lage noen å sende deg i posten. Det du gjør da er at du sender oss porto/ frimerker verdi kr30 også skriver du hvilke Chanel dufter du ønsker prøve på. Vi sender de i posten. Vi kan ikke sende alle så prøv å finn noen favoritter.
Mvh Gimle parfymeri??

skrevet av Annette / 06.01.17 - 17:51


Jeg vil så gjerne kjøpe Jersey Chanel parfymen. Er det mulig at dere sender den til meg? Tusen takk, på forhånd!

skrevet av Reka-Agota Kvalsund / 10.17.17 - 07:58

Det kan vi gjøre vet du. Hvis du ringer oss på 22446142 så kan vi ta betaling over telefon, og sende deg samme dag 🙂

skrevet av Annette / 10.17.17 - 08:46

Hva ligger prisen på for 200ml flaskene?

skrevet av Stine / 02.10.18 - 23:29

Den koster kr. 3575,- 🙂

skrevet av Annette / 02.12.18 - 09:57

Hei 🙂
Hva koster frakt til Oppland? Også hvordan skjer betaling for kjøpe?
Mvh Liliia L

skrevet av Liliia Lesinska / 11.05.18 - 05:18


Frakt koster ingenting. Betaling kan vi ta over telefon dersom du ringer oss på 22 44 61 42!

skrevet av Annette / 11.05.18 - 15:51

Hei hei. Har dere Chanel coromandel edp til salgs?

skrevet av Siv J G Bjerke / 09.12.19 - 03:52

Hei! Ja, den har vi i vårt sortiment. Kom innom butikken eller ring oss på 22 44 61 42 for å bestille 🙂

skrevet av Annette / 09.16.19 - 16:22

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